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12th-Oct-2005 01:24 pm - No nobu in new single
I just don't understand it. When will my dearest nobu be back to the band. I miss him so much. ;;

I wish we could still write to Funa-san.
28th-Aug-2005 02:29 am(no subject)
Hello, anyone here?

Uploaded some videos here
Here, I got the "Man Who Wipes Mirrors" movie right here. Big file! Link expires within seven days.

12th-Apr-2005 08:41 am - Please help, DP fans!
Hello everyone. I hope all is well with all of fellow DA PUMP fans here and elsewhere.

We are begging for your help. Please show your support. The Ryu Crew tried last year (and failed) to get DA PUMP to come to North America.
There are many American fans out there.

Anyways, I hope we together can reach out to DA PUMP, J-Pop, and Anime fans in America. I hope you find it in your heart to help the Ryu Crew's cause. Last year, we attempted to have fans help DA PUMP get invited to Otakon, the US's second largest Anime convention. It failed, we only had four people help.

Now, I am sure you are asking, why an Anime convention? There is an easy answer to that.
Anime is huge in the United States. J-Pop is becoming popular in the US because of Anime. Many artists have come for concerts because of this, such as:
1. T.M. Revolution (Gundam Seed, Rurouni Kenshin)
2. Koda Kumi (Cutey Honey)
3. Do As Infinity
4. Psycho Le Cemu
5. Nami Tamaki (Gundam Seed)
6. Yoko Ishida (Pretear, Sugar)
7. hiro from Speed
8. Angela (Fafner, Stellvia)
9. L'Arc~En~Ciel (DNA^2, Full Metal Alchemist)
10. The Pillows (FuriKuri)
11. RIZE
12. Guitar Wolf
This list goes on and on!

What does this have to do with DA PUMP? A lot! DA PUMP has had concerts in Korea and Thailand. Here is a look at DA PUMP featured in Anime, Film and Manga:

1. B.B. Explosion - Da Pump are characters that go to Okinawa Actor's School in this manga. The main character has a crush on ISSA.
2. Andromedia - Film with Speed
3. Dream Maker - Film starring ISSA
4. Captain Tsubasa - Theme Song "Dragon Screamer"
5. The Lion King - Theme Song "Circle of Life"
6. Dear Boys (Hoop Days) - Theme Song "Sounds of Bounce". This show makes an American Debut this summer!

Please give a good word about DA PUMP at the links below.
Please join the forums and help us out. Maybe we'll see them there this year.

DA PUMP THREAD (A place to talk about them)


My deepest thanks,
Stephanie (Rika-Chan),
Ryu Crew President

PS: If you are able to, please translate this message and tell foreign DA PUMP friends to help out too.

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27th-Mar-2005 08:14 pm - Yo!
Ken says:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

WAKE UP! ^_^ Let's talk more about Da Pump!
20th-Mar-2005 03:27 pm - Dear Boys Vol 1 Release Decided!
Please support this Anime and DA PUMP when the first volume releases
on June 28, 2005.
Please note that the English title of Dear Boys is "Hoop Days."

10th-Mar-2005 08:47 am(no subject)
Notice: An important announcement. If you go looking for Da Pump sites on Google.com or Yahoo.com do not, I repeat do not, click on the link entitled "Da Pump X". It's a virus!!!
28th-Feb-2005 10:11 pm - Update!
I updated my Da Pump Collection ^_^
23rd-Feb-2005 10:41 am(no subject)
If anyone could share any Da Pump videos with me, I'd be very thankful. I will try my best to repay you. ^_^ How about with CD rips? I got a big collection!
22nd-Feb-2005 05:14 pm - Oh Dear!
Issa caught with HentaiCollapse )
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